Now it’s not often one is totally gobsmacked by a band…I was not expecting what I heard at the ROCKPILE WEST on Friday… The Singer’s voice, WAAAAY bigger than she was. The entire place went silent, attention drawn to the stage the crowd started to move forward to see the band… I sat in stunned silence, we were all so mesmerized. Vinyl Ambush is a band to watch out for. These youngsters (and they ARE young) have already formed a tightly knit group of very talented and accomplished musicians who appear to be perfectly in sync with each other”

Pat Blythe – New Discoveries

Project Name



Strange name? Yes, we thought so too when we read it on a bottle of nail polish. It’s an odd name for the colour red but we thought it was the perfect name for our band. We formed in 2017 when creative forces collided and brought our vocalist Belle Matthews and bassist Corwin Bjelic together with our drummer Jack Laing and guitarist Pedro Alvarado. It took all of about 10 minutes to realize the immediate chemistry. We focus almost entirely on original material with influences rooted mainly in Rock, Pop and Punk. It didn't take long for us to start grabbing headlines and building a strong reputation for great song writing and killer live performances. We've had song placements in films and major television series, we've had number one hits on indie radio stations, we've been featured in multiple television appearances and magazines, all of this before we even finished mixing our first album release. A fast pace can burn you out, but in our case it keeps inspiring us to do more. This tells us it was all meant to be... 



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